Does your child need to move to be happy and healthy? Yes! All children need to move in order to develop their senses and to prevent sensory dysfunction from occurring. Research shows that ALL children need to move and play and that movement precedes cognition and learning. Do you feel like your child is getting enough time outside off of technology to PLAY? Does your child have a diagnosis of Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder? If not, has your teacher or someone in your child’s life described them as having difficulty with paying attention, struggling to sit still in their chair, or having difficulty with gaining physical skills at the same pace as their peers. Have they been described as messy, too neat, or disorganized? How about too rough when they play or too aggressive? Do they struggle with working as part of a team and cooperating with others? If any of this sounds familiar to you, Camp LEAP IN may be for your child! As an Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist in the school setting and parents of our own children with their respective special needs, we are seeing a decrease in the participation of unstructured movement and an increase in sensory disorganization in children in general. All children benefit physically and emotionally from regular unstructured outdoor play. When they are with other children, they benefit socially as well.

Camp LEAP IN is a therapeutic camp in nature that provides an outdoor environment for integration of our senses to occur. The camp experience is designed to immerse children in activities in nature that are both structured, as well as child directed and that incorporate a variety of sensations. Children with sensory processing difficulties will be encouraged to confront their challenges in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

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