Testimonial #1

In the summer of 2017, our 6 year old son attended Camp Leap-In for the first time. Our son was born at 28 weeks and has struggled with various speech and physical developmental delays throughout his childhood. Although he’s catching up to his peers, there have always been barriers to normal socialization (some obvious and others not so obvious) that have kept our son from completely “fitting in” so to speak. Seeking to enrich him with new experiences and new people, we enrolled him in Camp Leap-In.

From the first time that we picked him up after camp, we could tell that something special had happened. Our boy was excited to go back, to play with his new friends, and to be exposed to new things. He frequently came home covered in dirt, paint, foam, and any number of other things that the children interacted with, but he always came home energized and interested in what he’d done for the day. It was evident that the staff at Camp Leap-In truly loved our child and the rest of the children at camp, and went out of their way to expose the kids to a wide variety of sensory and experiential inputs to broaden their perspectives. By the end of the Summer session our son had vastly improved socialization skills, self-awareness, self-perspective and self-confidence. We look forward to sending him back to Camp Leap-In this Summer!

Testimonial #2

Our son William truly enjoyed the summer with Camp Leap In. The camp was a well run and thought out program that got William out of his normal comfort zone while also allowing him the social interaction that is needed through the summer months.

Testimonial #3

My 10 year-old son had a fantastic time at Camp LEAP IN during their first summer. The outdoor setting for the camp allowed for many sensory experiences. It is particularly noteworthy to mention that the children had a chance to work in teams to construct forts. This was an excellent opportunity to work on their social skills, whether is was offering encouragement to a member of their team or resolving a conflict. Thank you to Jenny and Tiffany for your vision and follow through to provide an environment in which attention-challenged children thrive. Your love and understanding of every personality type is felt by all of your campers.